Security Solutions

Security risks and compliance issues are growing more complex and the risk of data breach has never been greater.  Businesses and organizations are demanding greater openness to the outside, integration of critical business applications on new platforms such as SaaS (Software as a Service), and the cost saving realities of virtualization, cloud computing, outsourcing, and Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions. 

Security solution development has become a complex, costly and lengthy process. Understanding how to assess, design and build a flexible security architecture today that can anticipate tomorrow’s yet unforeseen or discovered security threats to protect their digital assets is one of the key challenges facing organizations today.

Drivers of Change that Increase Cost & Complexity

Business complexity is on the rise.  This means that costs to support today's IT infrastructure are increasing at every turn. This is one of the biggest drivers and concerns for customers today and it has grown to unacceptable levels.

The aggregate cost, complexity, and risk develops from a combination of 5 components of change within organizations.  Most security professionals and vendors focus on one or perhaps two of these parts, however to achieve an affordable and reasonable risk posture, a balanced view is required.

Network Vigilance can help you to plan, assess, design, implement and operate a flexible and scalable security architecture that is both cost effective to maintain and capable of effectively meeting current and future security threats.


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