Services Introduction

Network Vigilance offers many different security services based on what the IT security and compliance issues might be, whether the client desires to identify and quantify risk, impact, or vulnerability, or whether a solution needs to be developed to remediate and protect against security threats. Security services include the following:

Information Technology Risk Assessment

Secure Network & Solution Design

Regulatory Compliance Review

Security Policy and IT Governance Review

Vulnerability Scanning, Penetration Testing, and Ethical Hacking

IT Security Program Development & Planning

Security Forensics & Breach Investigation

For an detailed explanation of these offerings, click here: Services Overview


Consulting Methodology

Network Vigilance utilizes an established Best Practices consulting methology to help organizations develop a balanced and rational approach to IT risk management, compliance, and solution assessment or development.  Our practices and methods are based on ITIL, ISO, SDLC, NIST, CMMI, COSO, and other consulting approaches based on what is specifically needed in the client's environment.  Our basic lifecycle process approach is detailed below.

  • Plan & Assess - A thorogh assessment of security, compliance, and business risks begins the process and serves as the roadmap for the rest of the lifecycle.  Based on the client's objectives, the business critieria for the design phase is established.

  • Design - Based on the gaps identified in the assessment, Network Vigilance and the client jointly design a customized, approach and solution set to address security and compliance gaps.  We provide recommendations on specific products and solutions that meets the goals of your organization.

  • Implement - The designed solutions and controls are implemented, integrated, configured, and tuned to meet the design goals.

  • Operate & Manage - Particular attention is paid to the costs and efficiencies of security operations, risk management, and compliance monitoring and a model for management operations is determined, whether cloud-based, co-managed, self-managed, outsourced, or shared in some way.


Network Vigilance plays a critical role in helping organizations develop a security strategy through an assessment based approach, leading you through the entire security lifecycle. Our security lifecycle methodology balances the elements of Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Operation of IT security in a way that gives you greater clarity and focus to your IT security program.

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